How we do it

Mediation & Reconciliation

We understand that at times, the discussion needs to stay discreet and only between the wife and the counselor. We have female counselor(s) to work in the team in one-to-one mode or with the counselor team to understand the situation.

Modes of mediation

We give a safe and comfortable setting in all combinations, to start the process:

  • for husband to male counselor,
  • for wife to female counselor
  • for wife to counseling team
  • for couple to counseling team,
  • teen to male or female counselor as needed with our without parents

Individual advice

There are cases, where wife or husband does not want to involve the spouse but deal with the situation individually. If advice is sought at personal level and not as a couple, we oblige with such requests. We provide counsel to individual marriage partner through our years of experience to deal with the situation singlehandedly.

Couple counseling

We try to bring the couple together for ice-breaking and let the communication flow, only when both parties are comfortable.

We lend our ears and give the right advice to the struggling couple to find the ways of reconciliation and marriage restoration. It usually takes more than one sessions to be able to reach at an amicable solution.

Teenager counseling

Families need to understand that teenagers need to be dealt differently. Lack of such understanding may lead to disputes and unhealthy relationships. Teen counseling is more of a family counseling. We lend our ears to the kids and parents separately to open up and share their frustration and issues. We bring them together with some suggestions to make changes in the family environment and see the wonders. It works!

Pre-marriage and Pre-litigation Counseling

Pre-marriage counseling

Pre-marriage counseling is not very common in India. Christians and western countries have this kind of sessions before marriage for guiding the prospective couples for a happy married life.

At Shadibachao, we believe that love knows no barriers of caste, financial status or even sexual orientation. We have personal laws which govern marriages in India for different religions. Therefore, psychological and legal advice is preferable for a right decision and correct way of doing it. We provide advice which can help the new couples to lead a fulfilled and happy married life.

Pre-litigation counseling

All marriages are made in heaven but lived on the earth. Despite all mediation and reconciliation efforts, some couples may choose to separate for good.

We have team of legal experts and advocates, who help the couples to choose right mode of mutual separation which causes least hurt and allows the couple to do it respectfully.

Note: One time registration fee and the professional fee for one session are charged in the first session. This session is intended to research and understand the key issues. It is not expected in all cases to resolve the issues in one sitting but more than one sessions are required to be able to reach on a satisfactory solution, usually. Second session onwards, only professional fee for individual or package session is charged, to be agreed in the first session. Indian clients can benefit counseling center and house visit sessions whereas international clients can avail only online (ZOOM) sessions.