Marriage Counseling

At SHADIBACHAO, we offer different counseling services to deal with husband, wife and children, separately and together, as needed. We keep all your details secret and our dealings fully confidential. We provide professional counseling to resolve marital conflicts and save marriage from breaking and help you take a step towards happy and peaceful marriage.

What can we help you with?

There are so many factors leading to unhappy marriages which slowly go to the verge of falling apart:

We offer marriage counseling sessions to deal with the above issues to save the marriage. We offer ONLINE sessions, at our COUNSELING CENTER and as VISIT to a place of your choice. We offer personal services from our Jaipur based counseling center but online sessions are open for the clients pan India and foreign nations (already served in UAE).

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage Counselling is a practical skill which includes care and empathy with a deep desire to support and help people to reconcile their marital problems and save marriage. Usually people believe counseling is psychological help but this is not completely true. Marriage counseling is intended for the conflicting couple to resolve their conflicts and improve & maintain a healthy relationship among them. It needs more than just psychiatric help but a holistic approach which starts from listening and ends up in a restored marriage. It also needs a legal and spiritual aspect for understanding the legal implication of broken marriage and making an informed decision as well as forgive each other for inner healing and restoring love in the marriage.

In a broader sense the counselling may denote a combination of the following:

  • A healing process by counseling that addresses client’s thoughts, feelings and attitude in the context of their environment that includes family, and the community. It starts with diligent listening to the hurting party.
  • A carefully planned reconciliation initiative suggested by the counselor for the husband and wife to change, improve, and resolve behaviours that are counter-productive and unhealthy to the marriage relationship.
  • A collaborative effort between the client and the counsellor, keeping the client’s interest and needs in mind of a peaceful marriage.
  • A process that takes place with active participation of the client and involves a mutual responsibility between the client and the counsellor.
  • Aimed at developing individual’s unique self and potentials as we as coping strategies to overcome the stress and inferiority complex.
  • Communication and structured steps evolved by years of experience of reconciling marital issues.
  • Voluntary in nature, can’t be forced on the client. The result for different couples may be different based on their involvement and diligence to the suggested steps of resolving and reconciliation.
  • A process that involves care, concern and time. Counseling is not a one time activity like a medicine to cure the ailment. Counseling is for discussing, trying and repeating until love in the marriage is restored or a final decision is made otherwise.

What does a marriage counsellor do?

A marriage counselor counsels both married couples and individuals with a non-judgemental attitude. He asks questions in order to understand the problems that are affecting their relationship and listen diligently. He provides counseling sessions in which he suggests the potential solutions depending on the root of the problem identified. The counselor provides a safe and neutral place where the counselee can talk openly about their marital problems.

A marriage counselor usually doesn’t give a one-sided opinion about whether a couple should get a divorce or stay together. A good marriage counselor tries to restore the relationship, to heal the emotional wounds and to bring the lost love back into the marriage.