Pre-marriage Counseling

Young people are attracted towards each other. Young minds are not calloused by the political, religious and social prejudices. Color, caste and financial status does not matter to young minds and they are excited to achieve their dreams of fulfilled love by getting married. Yet, this is also true that young minds lack experience. A non-judgmental advice of a third party, who is neutral to their marriage plans can open up their minds about what to expect after marriage. Love is important but love is not enough for a peaceful marriage.

Pre-marital or pre-marriage counseling is not very common in India, but as the name suggests, it is a counseling before marriage. Such counseling helps potential couple understand important aspects which keep the love in the marriage intact. In such counseling sessions, encouraged by parents to attend or couples seeking advice for future, can expect to talk about many topics, such as:

  • what changes to expect in life after marriage
  • importance of communication and time for each other
  • resolving disagreements which are natural
  • importance of sexual satisfaction
  • child bearing and responsibility sharing
  • handling finance of the family
  • ill effects of alcohol and anger
  • managing interference of parents/in-laws

Likewise there are many areas which need to be understood for a lasting fruitful marriage.

Understanding legal aspects

Marriage is not a bonding of two person alone but it has a social as well as legal bearing as well. India has different personal laws governing marriage, divorce and succession/inheritance aspects. People of same religion marry in traditional and religious ways whereas people from different religion can marry under special marriage act. Pre-marital counseling also covers possible legal ways of taking marriage vows.