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Counselling is a practical skill which includes care and empathy with a deep desire to support and help people. Usually people believe counseling is psychological help but this is not completely true.

We understand that family is the most basic unit of a society which builds a nation. It is the oldest known social institution that kept the humanity for centuries. A family is united by marriage, the key to accountability, obligation and reason to stick together.

Marriage is one institution which provides an environment of love, belongingness and security to its members and thereby guarantees peace, fulfillment and growth in the society.

At SHADIBACHAO, we offer different counseling services to the potential marital partners – who are engaged traditionally or are in love and want to get married; married couples – who have got tension and deterioration in their relationship which may break their marriage; and the conflicting couples who have reached to the point of deciding for legal separation or divorce. In addition, we also try to help by professional counseling to the hurting parties such as teenagers, victims of domestic abuse and alcoholic addictions:

Pre-marital counseling

Love knows no barrier and Marriage is a life long commitment. India has many personal laws. We help you make right decision and do it the right way for a fulfilling and successful marriage.

Marriage counseling

Our mission is to protect every suffering marriage by providing reasons to be together. We understand reasons which separate. We work with you to find the ones to stick together. We help love grow again.

Pre-litigation counseling

We are a team of psychological, spiritual and legal consultant (& advocates). We help you by mediation if things should work or else advice you and help in mutual separation with respect.

Break-Up counseling

Break-ups are integral part of love relationships. We help you cope up with the depression and anxiety caused by relationship break-up. Life is beautiful and life is unpredictable but life is worth living.

Domestic violence Victim Counseling

We help domestic violence survivors to cope up and re-align themselves with the reality of life. There is light after every dark tunnel.

Alcohol de-addiction counseling

Family always wants to understand how to handle the alcoholic in the family. At times, the addicted person wants to get sober. We help by de-addiction counseling to restore peace and love in the marriage.

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