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Pre-Marriage Relationship Advice

Love knows no barrier of caste, poverty and physical appearance. Marriage is a life long commitment. India has many personal laws. In the midst of this, we help you make right decision and do it the right way by providing impartial advice.

Break-up Relationship Advice

Break-ups are integral part of love relationships. We help you cope up with the depression and anxiety caused by relationship break-up.

Dispute Resolution & Reconciliation

Our mission is to protect every suffering marriage by providing reasons to be together. We understand the reasons which separate. We work with you to evaluate the ones to stick together. We help love grow again in the marriage.

Domestic Violence related Counseling

Domestic violence needs to be dealt very wisely. The scars on the emotions are worse then the physical ones. We help you overcome negative emotions.

Critical Marriage Salvation

We are a team of psychological, spiritual and legal experts. We help you in critical marriage salvation before you go to the legal court. When saving life becomes more important than saving marriage, we help in mutual separation.

Alcohol de-addiction Advice

Alcohol breaks many marriages. It leads to communication gap as well as physical abuse and pushes the marriage towards divorce. We help in de-addiction.

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Long experience of solving marital disputes

We’ve twenty years of experience of solving marriage disputes and saving marriages through marriage counseling. Experience of ShadiBachao team spans decades with a successful record of restoring peace and harmony in the family. Happy families are the motivating factor for us. We create a comfortable environment for our clients to think over the decision of dissolving marriage and have more couples resolving than dissolving.

Marriage Counseling

Confident, Impartial & Efficient team of experts

Our team consists of psychological and spiritual experts, legal consultants and social workers who have long experience of counselling. We are confident of providing the right counseling. Our goal is to help our clients, providing professional yet warm and caring advice. We’re here to support you as your trusted counselor protecting your identity and all details with utmost secrecy and confidentiality, help you solve your issues.

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