Pre-litigation Counseling

We stay with you to initiate and work through a cool-off period

We stay with you to initiate and work through a cool-off period to avoid divorce and go back to marriage counseling and save your marriage. We understand it is not easy to adjust after reaching to the point of breaking but we also understand that nobody wants to break their marriage before giving one more chance.

We believe in trying one more time. Marriage is one of the most important decisions of life and so is separation. We believe that every family matters. Every family court in the country not only grants an opportunity for mediation and reconciliation before divorce but it does formally puts a time to rethink.

No doubt, divorce is considered to be one of the most painful and traumatic experiences for a married couple. There are a lot of complications in divorce procedure. It has impact on various parties involved. There are different religious laws in India which governs mutual separation and divorce. In addition, there are a lot of costs, documents and time is involved in the process. It makes the overall experience even more tedious.

We have a team of experts who guide you in the process of critical marriage salvation. We explain all legalities, formalities and possible results of the legal course. We help you salvage your marriage unless the marriage is totally collapsed and divorce is inevitable.